Thermadiag provides you with a wide range of services and a unique expertise on imaging diagnostics exploitation and high temperature processes supervision.

Advice & Expertise
  • Software deployment for imaging diagnostics exploitation
  • Deployment of sensor signal Databases (1D -> 3D) and data mining
Software System Integration
  • Understanding of your needs (sensor acquisition, visualization, post-processing, real-time supervision,...)
  • Integration of Thermavip into your sensor environment
  • Development of custom modules for sensor management, signal processing, multi-sensor data fusion, user interface,…
"On the shelf" modules

Thermadiag provides a catalogue of software components that can be integrated into Thermavip or your own applications:

  • Real-time motion correction in movies,
  • 3D meshed models manipulation,
  • Automatic object detection in IR/Visible movies,
  • Deployement of imaging Databases for offline access to multi-sensor data
  • Remote and/or centralized display of multi-sensor data
  • ...
Techncial Support
  • Users' training for Thermavip usage
  • Developers' training for Thermavip Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Software maintenance (updates, development of additional components)