The ThermaVIP software platform ("Viewing Imaging Platform") provides the necessary functions for offline and real time sensor data exploitation, especially imaging ones. Thermavip increases your understanding of the observed process and helps you:

  • reducing operational risks (damaging components),
  • optimizing your process (avoid false alarms, decrease material aging,…)

Thermavip is based on a versatile software architecture compose of a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a plugin mechanism. Depending on your needs, Thermadiag will provide you the source code of Thermavip and support for custom components integration.

ThermaVIP for advanced infrared analysis

Thermavip provides the Tokida module aiming to analyze your infrared sensor data in a 3D environment. It is mainly used for:
  • Aerial surveillance: dynamic mapping of acquired videos onto 3D CAD models of your installation, manual and/or automatic localization of thermal defects on stoves, smokestack, pipeline,…
  • Simulation of virtual infrared movies based on dynamic 3D temperature maps,
  • Extraction of 3D temperature maps for advance thermal analysis
Tokida module for infrared sensor data analysis in a 3D environment

Tokida provides the following functionalities:

  • Loading/saving/manipulation of 3D models based on several file formats,
  • Simulation of static and moving camera fields of view ,
  • Computation and display of cameras fields of view overlappings,
  • Extraction of cameras spatial calibrations (3D coordinate for each pixels, distance to pupil,
  • pixel surface, visible object,…),
  • Extraction of 3D temperature maps for external thermal solver (like ANSYS),
  • Mapping of IR videos onto the CAD models,
  • And much more…

Thermadiag can provide an upgraded version of Tokida by integrating your own 3D analysis tools.

Exemple d'utilisation: