The ThermaVIP software platform ("Viewing Imaging Platform") provides the necessary functions for offline and real time sensor data exploitation, especially imaging ones. Thermavip increases your understanding of the observed process and helps you:

  • reducing operational risks (damaging components),
  • optimizing your process (avoid false alarms, decrease material aging,…)

Thermavip is based on a versatile software architecture compose of a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a plugin mechanism. Depending on your needs, Thermadiag will provide you the source code of Thermavip and support for custom components integration.

ThermaVIP for offline analysis

Thermavip provides a unique and user-friendly graphical interface for visualization and analysis of multi-sensor data. It is directed toward operational supervisors, maintenance supervisors and the scientific staff operating the machine.

A unique Graphical Interface for visualization and analysis of multi-sensor data

Visualization and synchronization of heterogeneous multi-sensor-data (1D + time, videos, projection onto 3D CAD models)

Extraction of temporal features inside Regions Of Interes: histograms, values along polylines, minimium/maximum/mean values, standard deviation,…
Integration of custom Python scripts

Search signals based on spatial and/or temporal criteria,
Management of Imaging Database (Video Annotations, picture libraries, Thermal Event Databases,…)

Use Case:
Depending on your process and sensor environment, Thermadiag will provide additional features like:
  • Custom or “on the shelf” image/signal processing algorithms: detection of specific events, extraction of additional features,...
  • Graphical Interface to browse your own Signal Database
  • Deployment of custom Signal Databases
  • And much more…